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Emmaus Correspondence School

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Item Name Price Category Suitable For Type
Biblical Eldership
A$10.00 Subject Studies Church Leaders, Church Elders
Biblical Stewardship
A$15.00 Subject Studies
Eldership in Action
A$28.60 Subject Studies Church Elders
Getting Along with Each Other
A$18.70 Subject Studies Church Elders, Parents, Couples
Growing Older, Growing Wiser
A$20.90 Subject Studies Retirees
Men who met Jesus
A$3.00 Character Studies Retirees
Redemption Hymns - Music
A$84.70 Character Studies Retirees Music Book
Redemption Hymns - Words
A$16.50 Character Studies Retirees Hymn Book (words)
Teaching Techniques
A$20.00 Character Studies Church Leaders, Church Elders
Who is the Greatest Man Alive?
A$3.00 Character Studies