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BORN TO WIN by William MacDonald

55 pages

This course has been developed for prison work, using suitable concepts and languages. It has been designed to help bring a person to that point in their life when, through a saving relationship to Jesus Christ, they can begin to live to glorify God.


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Chapter 1  The Lost Sheep

Chapter 2  The Good Samaritan

Chapter 3  The Pharisee and the Tax Collector

Chapter 4  The Rebel Comes Home

Chapter 5  The Bad Scene That Tops Them All

Chapter 6  The Little Man Who Was Up a Tree

Chapter 7  The Woman Who Was Caught in the Act

Chapter 8  The Greatest Crime Ever Committed

Chapter 9  Getting Life at the Last Minute

Chapter 10 Two Preachers Who Went to Jail

Chapter 11 The Adulteress Who Became a Soul Winner

Chapter 12 A Bum Rap

I'm Born to Win