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BIBLE PROPHECY by C. Ernest Tatham

55 pages

Does prophecy have you scratching your head? For those who have difficulty arranging future events in their proper order, this introductory study will be valuable. By showing the distinctive positions held by Israel, the Church and the nations, God's prophetic plan is made clear. Coming events such as the Rapture, the Tribulation and Christ's Coming in Glory are set forth clearly. Seven charts assist the student.


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Chapter 1  The Broad Outline

Chapter 2  Israel’s Past and Present

Chapter 3  The Future of Israel

Chapter 4  Between the Mountain Peaks

Chapter 5  God’s Present Purpose

Chapter 6  The Rapture of the Saints

Chapter 7  The Two Resurrections

Chapter 8  “The Time of Jacob’s Trouble”

Chapter 9  Satanic Actors in the End Times

Chapter 10  The Return of the King

Chapter 11  Earth’s Golden Age

Chapter 12  The Eternal State