Genesis: From Creation To A Nation By Kenneth C. Fleming


Genesis: From Creation to a Nation

by Kenneth C. Fleming


Genesis: From Creation To A Nation

by Kenneth C. Fleming

440 Pages

Understanding Genesis is key to understanding the subsequent history of mankind. In this easy-to-read, verse-by-verse devotional commentary, Ken Fleming does just that — he helps us understand Genesis. As you read this commentary, the Bible will come alive as you connect the patriarchs with the ongoing story of God’s plan and purpose. Themes such as the tragic effects of sin, the promise of redemption, and the coming of Jesus Christ, will reveal God’s justice and holiness as well as His everlasting compassion and love. The book of Genesis remains important in understanding God’s design for your life. The events that are chronicled mirror human experience in failure and success, in the struggle to overcome sin, and in the need for a faith-based relationship with God. As the Scriptures themselves promise, a committed study of God’s Word will impact your mind, your heart, and your actions, and leave you with renewed gratitude for all that God has done.

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Chapter 1 The Creation
Chapter 2 Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
Chapter 3 The Tragedy of Sin and the Triumph of Grace
Chapter 4 The Rebellion of Ancient Civilization
Chapter 5 The Patriarchs, From Adam to Noah
Chapter 6 Noah and the Ark
Chapter 7 The Worldwide Flood
Chapter 8 Leaving the Ark
Chapter 9 God’s Covenant with Noah
Chapter 10 Ancient Nations and Their Dispersion
Chapter 11 The Tower of Babel
Chapter 12 The Call of Abram
Chapter 13 The Choices of Abram and Lot
Chapter 14 The Blessings of Victory
Chapter 15 The Covenant with Abram Ratified
Chapter 16 The Birth of Ishmael
Chapter 17 The Pledge and Sign of the Covenant
Chapter 18 God’s Promise and Abraham’s Prayer
Chapter 19 The Deliverance of Lot from Sodom
Chapter 20 Abraham and Abimelech
Chapter 21 The Fulfillment of the Promise
Chapter 22 The Test of Abraham’s Faith
Chapter 23 The Death and Burial of Sarah
Chapter 24 A Bride for Isaac
Chapter 25 Abraham’s Death and the Birth of Esau and Jacob
Chapter 26 Isaac and Abimelech
Chapter 27 Jacob Obtains the Patriarchal Blessing
Chapter 28 Jacob’s Dream at Bethel
Chapter 29 Jacob’s Marriages in Haran
Chapter 30 Jacob’s Children and Jacob’s Prosperity
Chapter 31 Jacob’s Flight from Haran
Chapter 32 Jacob’s Wrestling with the Angel
Chapter 33 Jacob’s Return to the Land
Chapter 34 Treachery in Shechem
Chapter 35 The Renewal of the Covenant at Bethel
Chapter 36 The Family of Esau
Chapter 37 Joseph’s Dreams and Betrayal
Chapter 38 The Family of Judah
Chapter 39 Joseph in the House of Potiphar
Chapter 40 Joseph in Prison
Chapter 41 Pharaoh’s Dreams and Joseph’s Exaltation
Chapter 42 Joseph’s Brothers’ Journey to Egypt
Chapter 43 Joseph’s Brothers Return to Egypt
Chapter 44 The Testing and Confession of Judah
Chapter 45 The Reconciliation of Joseph with His Brothers
Chapter 46 Israel’s Journey to Egypt
Chapter 47 Jacob Blesses Pharaoh
Chapter 48 Jacob Blesses Joseph’s Sons
Chapter 49 Jacob Prophesies Concerning His Sons
Chapter 50 The Deaths of Jacob and Joseph


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