Unstuck : Moving Beyond Defeat

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by Amy Hernandez



Unstuck : Moving Beyond Defeat

by Amy Hernandez

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In our efforts to successfully live this life we call Christian, we squirm and kick, grunt and push, only to find ourselves right back where we started: stuck in defeat. Do you ever wonder why living for Christ has to be so hard? Does the lack of spiritual power in your life cause you to question whether God exists? Where’s the power from the Spirit we were promised to receive? There’s only one thing opposing the Spirit in our lives and that is the flesh.

Unstuck: Moving Beyond Defeat will expose you to the tactics of the flesh in ways you have never seen it before, so that you can give it the only thing it is good for—a death sentence. Defeat isn’t where it ends; defeat is where real living begins.

Welcome to a walk of dying, where everything seems upside down.

Here’s What People Are Saying!

“Amy’s new book, Unstuck, provides a personal and realistic discussion of struggle and suffering within a redemptive framework. With the use of story and illustration, Amy weaves a challenging but supportive discussion of pursuing Christ in and through difficulty.”        Seth….

“I recently told a friend of mine (that I had given your book to) that maybe she should set UnStuck aside, since she just found out she has breast cancer. I said your book is brutally honest and spiritually challenging and that she probably needs something more comforting for this season of her life. She disagreed and said your book is actually helping her face this challenge.”        Anonymous….

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Part 1—Preparing the Flesh for Death
1 – Our Obsession
2 – Deadly Desire
3 – The Opposition
4 – Dead Man Walking

Part 2—Accepting the Tools God Uses
5 – Embracing Weakness
6 – Enduring Weakness
7 – Counterfeit Suffering
8 – Suffering and Justice
9 – Perspectives on Suffering
10 – Getting Down
11 – Turning Around

Part 3—Walking Empowered by the Spirit
12 – Walking in Truth
13 – Walking in Love
14 – Walking with Gifts
15 – Walking in Prayer

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