Around The Table : Connecting With Your Family At Meal Times

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AROUND THE TABLE (Connecting with your Family at Meal times) by Sharon Fleming



Around The Table (Connecting With Your Family At Meal Times)

by Sharon Fleming

80 Pages

There is no better place for good communication, fun, and family togetherness than around the dinner table. Sharon Fleming is convinced that spending time together as a family is vital to every area of our children’s lives and to keeping the family whole. We all love to eat, so spending time around the table is a natural place to instil spiritual, social, and family principles into our children that will stay with them all their lives. You are invited to join the Flemings at their table and see that the process can be fun!  You will leave “full” of ideas and practical, biblical wisdom that you can implement at your next family mealtime!

Around the Table


The Chapter Before the First

Chapter 1  The Family Meal

Chapter 2  A Meal with Love

Chapter 3  Pleasant Words

Chapter 4  Mind Your Manners!

Chapter 5  Life’s Devotion

Chapter 6  Working Together

Chapter 7  Let’s Celebrate!

Chapter 8  Entertaining Angels

The Chapter After the Last

Fast Forward

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