Christ Loved The Church



by William MacDonald


Christ Loved The Church

by William Macdonald

80 Pages

The major themes of the New Testament church are presented in a simple and concise manner. The Universal Church is considered in addition to the Local Church. This course gives answers to such questions as: What is meant by ‘the church’ in the New Testament?, What is God’s view of the Church?, How was it originally structured?, How should it function today?

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Chapter 1  The Church Which Is His Body

Chapter 2  Great Truths About the Church

Chapter 3  The Local Church

Chapter 4  The Headship of Christ

Chapter 5  The Holy Spirit in the Church

Chapter 6  Discipline in the Church

Chapter 7  Expansion of the Church

Chapter 8  Ordained of God

Chapter 9  Coming to God

Chapter 10  The Bishops

Chapter 11  Those Who Serve

Chapter 12  Taking Our Place


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