Discovering Christ In The Psalms



by Ken Fleming


Discovering Christ In The Psalms

by Ken Fleming

95 Pages

Jesus Christ is the dominant theme of Scripture. He Himself said that when we search the Scriptures, we discover that they testify of Him (John 5:39). A messianic psalm is one of the psalms in the book of Psalms that contains one or more references to God’s Messiah in connection with His ministry as Prophet, His suffering as Priest, or His glory as King.

The psalms covered in this study course are limited to the ones that are quoted directly in the New Testament. May you be richly rewarded in your quest to discover Christ in the Psalms!

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Chapter 1 – Christ, the Son of God (Psalm 2)

Chapter 2 – Christ, the Man (Psalm 8)

Chapter 3 – Christ, Raised from the Dead (Psalm 16)

Chapter 4 – Christ’s Suffering and Its Global Results (Psalm 22)

Chapter 5 – Christ’s Incarnation (Psalm 40)

Chapter 6 – Christ’s Betrayal (Psalm 41)

Chapter 7 – Christ, the King and Bridegroom (Psalm 45)

Chapter 8 – Christ’s Glory as the Ascended Lord (Psalm 68)

Chapter 9 – Christ’s Distress and Vindication (Psalm 69)

Chapter 10 – Christ, the Imperishable One (Psalm 102)

Chapter 11 – Christ, the King and Priest (Psalm 110)

Chapter 12 – Christ, the Cornerstone (Psalm 118)


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