God’s Grace Provision : Pride Vs Humility


GOD’S GRACE PROVISION – Pride vs Humility

by Keith Linhardt  & Randy Gruber


God’s Grace Provision – Pride Vs Humility

by Keith Linhardt & Randy Gruber

56 Pages

Following on from the study Repent or Perish, the key principle in this study is God resists the proud but He gives grace to the humble. The humble person admits that he does not know as he ought to know. He has realized  that he has nothing within himself to merit the favour of God. This attitude puts the humble man in a unique position to receive God’s grace. Grace is God at work for us in the person of Jesus Christ, and in us in the person of the Holy Spirit; to do for us what we cannot do for or in ourselves. This grace is the humble man’s abundant provision for deliverance from the penalty, the power, and the presence of sin. Grace also teaches the humble man how to live, and enable him to live to glorify God. Finally, this grace equips and empowers the humble person to serve God and man with his new life from above.

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Lesson 1  Pride vs. Humility

Lesson 2  Man’s Self-Righteousness vs. God’s Unlimited Grace

Lesson 3  Grace for Us–Jesus Christ

Lesson 4  Mission Impossible Apart from Grace

Lesson 5  Mission Impossible–the Rest of the Story

Lesson 6  Grace in Us–the Holy Spirit

Lesson 7  Grace in Practice

Lesson 8  Receive Not the Grace of God in Vain

Lesson 9  Setting Aside, Falling from, and Falling Short of Grace

Lesson 10  Grace Teaches Us to Deny Ungodliness

Lesson 11  God’s Sufficient and Abounding Grace

Lesson 12  Grace Gifts


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