Home School Bundle – God Is There



by Arthur Dibble


God Is There – Home School Bundle

by Arthur Dibble

61 Pages

This bundle includes the course, answer key, answer sheet, and additional support resources to give you the tools necessary for simplicity in grading, as well as providing helpful feedback to encourage growth and learning for your student.


God Is There

God is not an impersonal force in the universe. He is a personal Being who is interested in all people regardless of their race, sex, social standing, or situation. He wants all mankind to know who He is and how they can have a personal relationship with Him.

God Is There is based on the Bible. It will help you discover who God is, how He can be known in creation, how He can be known in history, how He revealed Himself in Jesus Christ, and how you can know Him personally.

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Chapter 1  God Is There

Chapter 2  God, The Creator fo the World

Chapter 3  God Keeps Everything Working

Chapter 4  God Is the Provider

Chapter 5  God Speaks through His Creation

Chapter 6  God Speaks through History

Chapter 7  God Speaks through His Laws

Chapter 8  God Speaks through Jesus Christ

Chapter 9  Jesus Is Both God and Man

Chatper 10  God Requires Responsibility

Chapter 11  God Is Both Just and Gracious

Chapter 12  God’s New Creation


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