Home School Bundle – The First Letter Of Peter



by Kenneth C. Fleming


The First Letter Of Peter – Home School Bundle

by Kenneth C. Fleming

76 Pages

This bundle includes the course, answer key, answer sheet, and additional support resources to give you the tools necessary for simplicity in grading, as well as providing helpful feedback to encourage growth and learning for your student.

When Peter wrote this letter to believers in Asia Minor, persecution was increasing and they were under pressure to deny their faith. Peter’s letter is full of practical instruction on attitudes and behavior to strengthen their faith and witness. The world has always been (and will continue to be) hostile to Jesus Christ and His followers. In light of that, the letter of 1 Peter contains both relevant and needed teaching and encouragement for Christians today.

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Chapter 1 – Introduction to 1 Peter

Chapter 2 – The Pilgrim’s Wonderful Salvation (1:1-12)

Chapter 3 – The Pilgrim’s Holy Behavior (1:13-25)

Chapter 4 – The Pilgrim’s Spiritual Priesthood (2:1-12)

Chapter 5 – The Pilgrim’s Practical Submission (2:13–3:7)

Chapter 6 – The Pilgrim’s Suffering for Righteousness (3:8-22)

Chapter 7 – The Pilgrim’s Suffering and the Glory of God (4:1-19)

Chapter 8 – The Pilgrim Shepherds and Their Flocks (5:1-14


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