Home School Bundle – The Gospel Of Luke



by William MacDonald


The Gospel Of Luke – Home School Bundle

by William Macdonald

172 Pages

This bundle includes the course, answer key, answer sheet, and additional support resources to give you the tools necessary for simplicity in grading, as well as providing helpful feedback to encourage growth and learning for your student.


The skeptic Renan called Luke’s Gospel “The most beautiful book in the world.” And so it is! The Lord Jesus is especially presented to us by Luke as the friend of “publicans and sinners,” the outcasts of society.

We see Him breaking the shackles of national prejudice to show His tenderness, compassion and sympathy to those outside of the nation of Israel. We find that women are given frequent and honorable mention, something quite alien to custom at the time. Luke’s evident goal is to present to us Jesus as “the Son of Man” and as the Savior of mankind. A study of this Gospel is bound to be a heartwarming experience.

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Chapter 1 – The Birth and Boyhood of Jesus (1:1–2:52)

Chapter 2 – Jesus Begins His Ministry (3:1–4:44)

Chapter 3 – Jesus Calls His Disciples (5:1–6:49)

Chapter 4 – Miracles and Parables (7:1–8:56)

Chapter 5 – Training the Disciples (9:1–10:42)

Chapter 6 – Teachings of Jesus (11:1–12:59)

Chapter 7 – Warnings (13:1–14:35)


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