Home School Bundle – What The Bible Teaches


What The Bible Teaches

by William Macdonald


What The Bible Teaches – Home School Bundle

by William Macdonald

51 Pages

This bundle includes the course, answer key, answer sheet, and additional support resources to give you the tools necessary for simplicity in grading, as well as providing helpful feedback to encourage growth and learning for your student.


What the Bible Teaches

The Bible is a story about God stepping into human history to save His rebellious creatures through the person and work of Jesus Christ. The sheer length of the Bible makes it difficult to keep track of what it says about the topics and themes that are central to understanding this story.
In this course, you will learn what the Bible teaches about essential matters of God, salvation, and faith.

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Chapter 1  The Bible

Chapter 2  God

Chapter 3  Man

Chapter 4  Sin

Chapter 5  Christ

Chapter 6  The New Birth

Chapter 7  The New Birth (continued)

Chapter 8  Salvation

Chapter 9  Grace

Chapter 10  Faith

Chapter 11  Heaven and Hell

Chapter 12  The Return of Christ

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