How To Succeed On The Streets



by Dick Hopkins


How To Succeed On The Streets 

by Dick Hopkins

34 Pages

All of us want to succeed in life. This is especially true for Christian prison inmates who have just been released. One problem they face is making day-to-day choices – something they didn’t have to do behind bars. When they leave prison there are many decisions to make daily. Often this aspect of liberty overwhelms them and they return to crime and eventually to prison. The key to success in life for the parolee is the same as it is for each of us – complete obedience to God’s revealed will. This study will help identify areas of ones life where obedience is needed to succeed in life.

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Chapter 1  Stay in Touch with the Lord

Chapter 2  Settle Up

Chapter 3  Stay Positive in a Negative World

Chapter 4  Go the Second Mile with Authorities

Chapter 5  Respect the Men and Women in Your Life

Chapter 6  Find a Paul and Be a Timothy

Chapter 7  Let Jesus, Not Money, Be Your Lord

Chapter 8  Leave Your Gang Friends; Find Your Brothers

Chapter 9  Get “High” on the Christian Life, Not on Drugs

Chapter 10  Find a Good Church and Make It a Better One

Chapter 11  Become a Godly Parent

Chapter 12  Always Do the Right Thing



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