Jonah : Meeting The God Of The Second Chance


JONAH : Meeting The God Of The Second Chance

by Dr O. S. Hawkins


Jonah : Meeting The God Of The Second Chance

by Dr O. S. Hawkins

95 Pages

Jonah is not only one of the most popular books in the Bible; it is also one of the most controversial. Its historical validity is often questioned by skeptics and sholars alike. It is the actual account of a man who rebelled and was swallowed by a great fish. This book is not just about a fish – it is the story about someone like us – the story of Jonah’s struggles, calling, disobedience, problems, and prayer life. It is the story of his encounter with God and of God’s gracious dealings with him – of a man who got a second chance..

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Chapter 1 Here Am I . . . Send Someone Else

Chapter 2 Lessons on Leaving the Lord

Chapter 3 Calming the Storm

Chapter 4 You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down

Chapter 5 What Can One Person Do?

Chapter 6 Warts and All


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