Now Hear Peter



Now Hear Peter 

An EPI Publication by R.E. Harlow

Simon Peter, the son of John, was a great man. He was not born great, but he became great when he lived with the Lord Jesus Christ. It is more important still to remember that God told Peter what he should write. It is necessary that everyone should listen to the words of Peter. If you have a New Testament, look up the verses which are given in each chapter of this book. You can understand what Peter said even if you do not own a New Testament, but it is better if you have one and look up each verse. Pray that the Holy Spirit will help you to understand and obey the sacred Scriptures. When you learn some new truth, tell your friends about it. Do not try to learn what men teach, but learn what Peter said or wrote in the Bible. You have listened to what men think: NOW HEAR PETER.

1 Simon Peter and the Lord Jesus Christ

2 Peter and the Holy Scriptures

3 Peter’s First Message

4 Peter and the Priests

5 Peter and the Elders of the Church

6 Peter and the Beloved Mother

7 How People Can Be Delivered from their Sins

8 How to Become a Child of God and How to Know that You Are One

9 Christ our Shepherd and Bishop

10 How to Become a Priest and a Saint

11 The Judgment of God

12 Waiting and Growing

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