Philippians, Colossians, And Philemon



by William MacDonald


Phillipians, Colossians, & Philemon

by William Macdonald

121 Pages

This course covers Paul’s letters to the saints at Philippi and Colossae, and his brief note to Philemon. It seeks to explain the general meaning of each letter in a verse-by-verse format. In his letter to the Philippians, written about ten years after he founded the church there, Paul thanks the believers for their financial support and takes the opportunity to counsel them about humility and unity, and to warn them about Judaizers who threatened to undermine his teachings. This personal and affectionate letter is full of practical exhortations that are relevant for us today.Although Paul did not know the Colossian believers personally, he was concerned that they were allowing false teaching to come into their midst, to the point that it was changing their understanding of Jesus Christ and the basis of their salvation. Paul challenges these ideas and presents the complete supremacy and sufficiency of Christ.The letter to Philemon is a private letter that concerns the return of one of his slaves called Onesimus. It illustrates the change in ones life brought about by being born again.

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