Ready To Give An Answer



by David R. Reid


Ready To Give An Answer

by David R. Reid

140 Pages

A course in Christian Evidences. Discover basic, logical and objective evidence for the existence of God, the deity of Jesus Christ and the reliability of the Bible. The course also covers evidence for miracles, creation and the worldwide flood. It sets forth evidence which Christians can present in order to convince others that God, the Bible and Christianity are true.

Here’s What Someone Has Sad!

“What an amazing study! This study gives even the newest convert to Christianity enough info to talk to most ‘intelligent’ of people with facts to back up all they say. If I had this study as a young man I would have been with Jesus so much earlier. No doubt this is the best study I have done so far. It has shone so much light on areas of doubt I had in my walk and has given me ‘ammo’ to go out and spread God’s Word with confidence. PRAISE GOD. Thank you all at E.C.S.”   Michael C…….

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Chapter 1  Is the Bible Reliable?

Chapter 2  Does Archaeology Support the Bible?

Chapter 3  Are Bible Prophecies Accurate?

Chapter 4  Does God Exist?

Chapter 5  Are There Objections to the Evidence that God Exists?

Chapter 6  Is Jesus God?

Chapter 7  Miracles or Myths?

Chapter 8  Is Jesus Alive?

Chapter 9  Is There Evidence for Creation?

Chapter 10  When Did Creation Take Place?

Chapter 11  Did God Use Evolution or Progressive Creation?

Chapter 12  Was There a World-wide Flood?


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