Repent Or Perish



by Keith Linhardt & Randy Gruber

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Repent Or Perish

by Keith Linhardt & Randy Gruber

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Following on from the study Divine vs. Natural Viewpoint, our journey now continues with the truth of repentance, which is a change of mind. If God and man are going to walk together, that is, enjoy a relationship with one another, someone must change. Since God is perfect, guess who must change? We must change. Sadly, today, many see no need for this change and, therefore, no need for Christ because they are not being taught that they are wicked to their very core. So if they are told that they must be saved, they may ask this very valid question, “Saved from what?” This course will show that it has always been God’s way to first show men their sin and guilt to prepare them to hear the gospel. It will also show that men must repent or they will perish as well as how repentance fits into the scheme of gospel preaching.

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Lesson 1  Repent or Perish

Lesson 2  Man’s Proper Diagnosis

Lesson 3  Man by Nature Is Sinful

Lesson 4  God by Nature Is Holy and Just

Lesson 5  What Is Repentance?

Lesson 6  John and Jesus Preached Repentance

Lesson 7  Peter and Paul Preached Repentance

Lesson 8  Repentance Is Particular

Lesson 9  A Deeper Repentance Follows Faith

Lesson 10  Repentance Must Continue After Conversion

Lesson 11  The Mere Appearance of Repentance

Lesson 12  A Portrait of Repentance


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