by William MacDonald



by William Macdonald

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We are living in momentous days. Even those who do not believe the Bible are using Biblical words to describe events around us. There is a feeling abroad that something has to happen, that we are moving towards some type of climax in world events. People are resorting in increasing numbers to astrologers, soothsayers and false prophets. What does the Bible say about days such as these?  Are we in the last days? Does the Bible speak with relevance and authority to today’s issues? Does it shed light on what’s to come? It certainly does. The book of Revelation unveils what lies ahead. As you study this course, you will have a different outlook on today’s world and will see the events in a new and proper perspective. You are certain to find this study challenging, interesting, and exciting. A book that will excite you! Revelation!

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Chapter 1  Introduction

Chapter 2  The Risen Lord

Chapter 3  The First Four Letters

Chapter 4  The Last Three Letters

Chapter 5  The Sealed Scroll

Chapter 6  The Trumpet Judgments Begin

Chapter 7  The Rest of the Trumpets

Chapter 8  The Two Beasts

Chapter 9  God Intervenes

Chapter 10  Babylon the Great

Chapter 11  Jesus Shall Reign

Chapter 12  The New Jerusalem


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