The God Who Speaks To Man



by Matthew Finlay


The God Who Speaks To Man

by Matthew Finlay

125 Pages

This study is designed to help you think through for yourself the great truths revealed by God for all mankind. It will help you examine their scope and significance, and how they relate to you as a rational, thinking person. Subjects discussed include – The Authority of the Bible, What is God like?, Prophecies Concerning Christ, Why the Messiah Came, Religion or Salvation.

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Chapter 1  The Authority of the Bible

Chapter 2  What Is God Like?

Chatper 3  What Is a Prophet?

Chapter 4  The Continuity of Doctrine

Chapter 5  Prophecies Concerning Christ

Chapter 6  Why the Messiah Came

Chapter 7  The Most Important Question of All

Chapter 8  The Final Messenger

Chapter 9  The Sin Question

Chapter 10  Salvation from Sin

Chatper 11  Religion or Salvation

Chapter 12  Living the Life


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