The Gospel Of Mark



by William MacDonald


The Gospel Of Mark

by William Macdonald

112 Pages

What this world needs is a Servant – and Mark presents Jesus Christ to us as the perfect Servant, showing us Jesus moving swiftly from one event to another leading up to when He gives ‘His life a ransom for many.’ The Gospel of Mark emphasizes the servant nature of Jesus Christ, concentrating on the things that Jesus did and where He went. It is the shortest of the Gospels and probably the first one written. Mark presents the action vividly and roughly in the order that the events happened. Mark explains Jewish customs so his readers can have a better understanding. His goal is to depict the perfect Servant, the Son of God, who is the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Chapter 1 – The Servant Begins His Work (Mark 1)

Chapter 2 – Early Opposition (Mark 2, 3)

Chapter 3 – Parables of the Kingdom (Mark 4)

Chapter 4 – Miracles of Healing (Mark 5)

Chapter 5 – Only Believe (Mark 6)

Chapter 6 – Belief and Unbelief (Mark 7, 8)

Chapter 7 – Two Worlds (Mark 9)

Chapter 8 – High Standards (Mark 10)

Chapter 9 – The Last Week Begins (Mark 11, 12)

Chapter 10 – Signs of Christ’s Return (Mark 13)

Chapter 11 – The Betrayal and Trial of Jesus (Mark 14)

Chapter 12 – More Than Conqueror (Mark 15,16)


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