The Holy Spirit At Work



by C. Ernest Tatham


The Holy Spirit At Work

by C. Ernest Tatham

63 Pages

There are two extreme attitudes today regarding the subject of the Holy Spirit. One of these disregards Him almost entirely, substituting religious ritual or church attendance without any real spiritual power. The other attitude places an unwarranted stress on the operations of the Holy Spirit at the expense of the written Word of God.

One of these extremes expresses itself in frigid formalism; the other in fervent fanaticism. The one freezes; the other burns!

The object of this course is to present simply but biblically the truth of the “Helper” whom the Father has sent to dwell with us and to be in us (John 14:16). His Word clearly marks out the Christian’s path, while the Spirit provides the power.

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Chapter 1  The Personhood of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 2  The Deity of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 3  The Spirit’s Work Through the Ages

Chapter 4  Similes and Symbols of the Spirit

Chapter 5  The Spirit’s Work with Sinners

Chapter 6  Anointed and Sealed by the Spirit

Chapter 7  The Guarantee and the Witness of the Spirit

Chapter 8  Prayer and Worship in the Spirit

Chapter 9  The Baptism and Filling of the Spirit

Chapter 10  The Spirit and the Book of Acts

Chapter 11  Hindrances to the Spirit’s Workings

Chapter 12  The Holy Spirit’s Power


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