The Letters To The Thessalonians



by H.C. Woodring & R.J. Little


The Letters To The Thessalonians

by H.C. Woodring & R.J. Little

107 Pages

Paul’s letters to the church in Thessalonica were among the first he wrote, but his mind, directed by the Spirit of God, was on the last times. Since both letters deal with aspects of Christ’s return they set our feet, as it were, on the highest possible ground, looking expectantly for His appearing. For the believer, there can be nothing in this life beyond that blessed hope.The first letter answers questions that have arisen in the church since he departed. It provides instruction on sexual behavior, Christian conduct, and the Lords return. Paul’s second letter followed a few months later and reinforced the teachings contained in the first and clarified issues surrounding the Lord’s return.

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First Thessalonians

Chapter 1 – Greetings (1:1-10)

Chapter 2 – Paul—Preacher and Pastor (2:1-20)

Chapter 3 – News and Views (3:1–4:12)

Chapter 4 – The Rapture (4:13-18)

Chapter 5 – The Day of the Lord (5:1-11)

Chapter 6 – Live Right! (5:12-28)

Second Thessalonians

Chapter 7 – Encouragement (1:1-12)

Chapter 8 – Prophecy and Error (2:1-5)

Chapter 9 – The Man of Sin (2:6-12)

Chapter 10 – Stand Fast! (2:13-17)

Chapter 11 – Exhortations (3:1-10)

Chapter 12 – Commands (3:11-18)


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