The Woman Who Pleases God



by Fay Smart & Jean Young


The Woman Who Pleases God

by Fay Smart & Jean Young

69 Pages

What does the Bible say about the role of women in today’s home, church, and world? What are the differences between men and women and how do these differences relate to their specific areas of service?

This course examines biblical teaching on how to:
• Determine God’s plan and purpose for women
• Determine what qualities of character are pleasing to God
• Discover from the New Testament principles governing woman’s conduct and relationships
• Discover what ministries are open to women in the home, church, secular world, and mission field

The purpose of this course is to examine what the Bible says about the ministry and role of women. A practical course discussing the home, the church, the secular world and the mission field. (A conservative approach to the subject.)

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Chapter 1  Created for a Purpose

Chapter 2  Sin and Its Effects

Chapter 3  Lessons from the Past

Chapter 4  A Virtuous Woman

Chapter 5  The Lord Jesus and Women

Chapter 6  A Composite Picture

Chapter 7  Women’s Role in the Church

Chapter 8  Further Instructions to Women

Chapter 9  Women in the Home

Chapter 10  Women’s Ministry Beyond the Home

Chapter 11  False and True Liberty

Chapter 12  Spiritual Gifts


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