The Word Of God



by R. E. Harlow

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The Word Of God

by R. E. Harlow

16 Pages

Jesus Christ is the Word of God – the ultimate expression of who God is. Twelve simple lessons introduce us to the Gospel of John using a True/False format that is suitable for teens or people with a basic understanding.

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Chapter 1  When God Came Into the World

Chapter 2  Jesus’ Disciples

Chapter 3  A Good Man and a Bad Woman

Chapter 4  Christ Helps the People

Chapter 5  The Water of Life and the Light of Life

Chapter 6  The Blind Man and the Good Shepherd

Chapter 7  Lazarus and Mary

Chapter 8  Christ Teaches His Disciples

Chapter 9  The True Vine

Chapter 10  Christ Prays for His own Disciples

Chapter 11  Christ Goes to the Cross

Chapter 12  Christ Comes Back From the Dead


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