Win The Battle For Your Mind



by Richard L. Strauss


Win The Battle For Your Mind

by Richard L. Strauss

122 Pages

The Bible tells us a great deal about our minds, including how to do with unacceptable thoughts so that we can have peaceful and productive minds. Yet the instruction available to us in God’s Word is often overlooked or ignored. This leaves believers unprepared and ill-equipped to live for Christ in today’s secular world. This book is a practical resource aimed at correcting this deficiency through a simple and direct look at the Scriptures. These studies will be of genuine help in your daily walk with God.

Here’s What Students Are Saying!

“Forget the past. This is by far the hardest thing for me to do. The offences I’ve committed, the hurt I’ve caused…..This lesson has helped in this area.” Geoff….

“Most people don’t see suffering as growth. I always knew God had a reason for suffering and this chapter (in Win the Battle for the Mind) clarified that.”   Iain….

“This book is amazing! This is the most mind blowing book I have ever read. I thank you again. I have learnt so much from this one book. It has shown me so much and it will improve my relationship with God a lot more. WOW. Thank you.”    Paul….

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Chapter 1  The Enemy of the Mind

Chapter 2  The Mind of Christ

Chapter 3  A Mind to Suffer

Chapter 4  A Mind to Grow

Chapter 5  The Mind Screen

Chapter 6  A Sound Mind

Chapter 7  A Peaceful Mind

Chapter 8  A Heavenly Mind

Chapter 9  All Your Mind

Chapter 10  A Willing Mind

Chapter 11  A Wise Mind

Chapter 12  Molding the Mind


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