Women Of The Old Testament



by Mary King

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Women Of The Old Testament

by Mary King

96 Pages

Starting with primeval times in the Garden of Eden and ending with the sophistication and corruption of an oriental palace – from Eve to Esther – we will see our counterparts in the Word of God. The Bible speaks strongly through its characters and although the everyday life of Old Testament women might bear little resemblance to our technological global age, their duties and dilemmas were no different from our own and their strengths and weaknesses will be easily recognized. But pre-eminently, their God is our God and His mercy and longsuffering, His reproofs and His rewards, can be the same to ourselves as it was to them.

Among the women studied are : Eve – Sarah & Hagar – Rebekah – Rachel & Leah – Jochebed – Miriam – Zipporah – Rahab – Deborah – Ruth & Naomi – Hannah – Michal – Abigail – Bathsheba – Esther


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