Prison Saved My Life

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by Louis Dooley



Prison Saved My Life

By Louis Dooley

Have You Ever Been At The End Of Your Rope?
Have You Ever Felt The Bottom Fall Out Of Your Life?
Have You Ever Felt Completely And Utterly Hopeless?
Have You Ever Felt Rejected By This World-Sometimes Even By The Very People Who Are Supposed To Love You?
Have You Ever Done Something So Horrible That The Biggest Punishment There Seems To Be Is Simply Having To Live With The Knowledge That You Did It?
Have You Ever Wondered What’s The Point Of This Confusing And Often Painful Life?

If You Answered Yes To Any Of These, You Are Not Alone. So Did Louis Dooley. This Is His Story. It Will Resonate With You, Make You Uncomfortable, Shock You, Make You Laugh And Cry, But In The End It Will Give You Hope.

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